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Our lives are affected by how we feel, what we believe and then how we act. All of this is impacted by our upbringing, experiences, spiritual contracts, past lives and genetic ancestory which ultimately result in the life lessons we are here learning. 

My newsletter is designed to provide methods of understanding the hidden drivers in your life and to provide new ways of thinking about and managing situations. It will help with your:

  • spiritual learnings

  • tell you about any current universal energies that might be influencing you

  • provide insights into your subconscious that might be affecting your life in a negative or challenging way

We are constantly learning and growing but this requires that we consider ideas that are new to us and if it resonates, then embrace this change. It was only when I delved into my subconscious beliefs that I was able to heal depression and move towards the life I had been longing for.


This newsletter will support your growth and happiness with small snippets of life that provide ideas of how to see situations in new ways. This is then supported by practical homework in my Hippie Homework videos.

So if you would like to change your life in easy to digest ideas, then sign up for my newsletter for weekly support.

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