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The Healing Process

Intuitive healing is the process of channelling Universal energy to activate natural healing processes in your body. It restores physical and emotional well-being and can provide the spiritual learnings and answers you are looking for. I liken it to being the phone line between you and Spirit.

Through my studies and practice I have found several healing processes that resonate with me. Generally, I channel energy through my hands and

voice and usually connect with the Angelic Realm, Spiritual Healers and Surgeons, Pleadian Guides and Shamanic Practices. My techniques are constantly changing as I learn and heal more.

Often my healings include the use of healing music, crystals, flower essences and essential oils. Sometimes I tone (hum over your body), use drums, rattles and singing bowls.

From experience I have found that whatever I am guided to do, it will be appropriate and comfortable for you and your beliefs.

Types of Healing

While all healings are individual to your needs there are some common practices that I use. Open the link below to find out how.

After your Healing

A healing works to remove energy blockages which cause your body to eliminate toxins; possibly causing side effects. Drinking water is recommended and this fact sheet provides more information.

See me for

Learn about

Stress, depression & anxiety

Repetitive life patterns

Emotional crisis & trauma

Abandonment & loneliness

Disconnection from life or people

Family & relationship difficulties

Scattered & confused thinking

Wounds from the past

Energetic imbalances

Suicidal thoughts

Physical ailments

Your life lessons

How life works

Changing your soul contracts

Manifesting your life desires

How to create boundaries

Self esteem & self love

Spiritual thinking to support you

Energetic practices to clear, ground & protect

What people say


I have been on a Spiritual journey for over 40 years now & during that time I have crossed paths with many healers.

It is because of these experiences that I recognise the calibre of skill that Megan has. Due to the fact that Megan is in Melbourne & I am in Tasmania, she agreed to work with me with distance healing. I have felt the many benefits of these sessions. Megan is very generous with her time & dedication & to follow through & complete whatever evolves in each session. 


Not only does Megan have a heart of gold, but she is genuinely a gifted healer. Megan doesn't have a judgemental bone on her body so being healed by her was easy. I wouldn't be where I am today (happy) if it wasn't for Megan's hard work & dedication into healing me. She truly understands the spiritual world... I can't thank her enough for everything she has done for me & getting me to where I am today.  I see the world differently because of Megan... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


"I would highly recommend people to book in to see Megan, particularly if you're dealing with stress or emotional issues/concerns.

Megan was recommended to me by a friend for helping with stress & depression. I'd been putting the pieces of me back together after an incredibly low point & Megan's work accelerated the process by a 1000 times.

Following work with her, I was more centred & energised than I'd been in over 2 years."

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