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The Book Inside Me

After a serendipitous meeting with a book mentor, I finally embarked on writing the book that I have had inside me for over a decade. That book is called Splat - Spiritual Paths Out of Depression. This book explains the misconceptions I had and the new perspectives I needed to embrace in order to recover from depression.

Splat is the first of many books to come. It is based on insights I gained from my recovery from depression, through clients sessions, my workshops or speaking events.

I am dedicated to helping people heal and grow. My teachings are available through my newsletter and social media pages but my book, workshops and speaking events provide quick and insightful learning in a systematic way, helping you to easily understand the big picture to this whole experience called Life.

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Splat - Spiritual Paths Out of Depression is on the look out for a publisher but in the meantime you can access the guidance this book has to offer by joining the Facebook page or sign up to our newsletter for the latest insights from the book.


The Facebook page is designed to specifically support you through whatever crisis you may be experiencing and gives you a support network as the group expands. If you pre Splat click on the button below to get in touch and exchange early access for a testimonial.

Talks & Workshops

Megan is an engaging and entertaining speaker and educator. She provides messages of hope and life learning. Using her experiences with depression and work as an Intuitive Healer she is able to provide valuable guidance and tools to enable you to reassess your understanding of Life. She helps you to embrace spiritual pathways to create powerful changes to your life experiences.

Talks can be broken down into individual components within these paths. They can also stay at a higher level embracing a single path or all paths. Talks are tailored to meet the needs of your group.

Other topics include:

  • Spiritual Paths Out of Depression

  • Benefits of Flower Essences

Megan speaks to four paths of spiritual learning:




Life History

Result of History

Self Assessment

Reason to Live

Drives Conscious & Subconscious

Foundation Stone

Life Aspirations

Acknowledge Emotions

Build Self-Esteem

Forgive Self

Learn Self Love




Energy System Basics

HowDo Other People Affect You

How Is Your Energy

Where Is Your Energy

Grounding Yourself

Clean, Protect, Observe

All Things Are Connected



How Life Works & Your Lessons

Basic Principles


Clean, Protect & Observe

Not A Victim

Your Lessons

Spirit Will Guide You

Soul Retrieval

Observe Others


Embracing Life


Be An Observer


Trust Spirit

Find Joy


Lena Risteski

Diversity and Inclusion Project Coordinator 

Mind Australia

Megan has been a guest speaker at my wellness groups. Megan is intuitive, knowledgeable, and a highly skilled speaker and facilitator. Megan is able to juggle the varying dynamics within a group and she is exceptional at engaging people with her wisdom and anecdotes. Megan is professional, respectful, empowering, inspiring, humble and I highly recommend working with her.

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